Typography Game: Typeface Race
Professor: Gail Anderson
SVA 2014

The ask was to create a game that would teach someone about typography. I've always loved "Guess Who?" so I used it as the foundation for my game, "Typeface Race".


The rules to "Typeface Race" are the same as the original game; both players pick a card and it's a race to guess the font on your opponents card by asking questions about its features, designer, design year or foundry. If you need help or instruction, the booklet "Type Classified" has all the information a player would need in order to identify and classify a typeface. You'll find tips on how to classify, what the most prominent classification markers are and basic typography terminology.


The visual concept was influenced by the basic composition book pattern. I drew a variety of illustrations and created several patterns based on the composition book and paired them with the three basic colours red, blue and yellow. I wanted it to be educational and fairly basic, but not so black and white. 

The packaging was pre-made and fit the board game perfectly. The pattern was printed on adhesive sheets and applied.