Netflix Teaser Campaign
SVA 2015

“Like4Like” is a fictional concept for a new Netflix Original’s series. Think of it as a hybrid between the having the cast of Gossip Girl with the level of intrigues and high stakes as in House of Cards. During the pilot we learn how little time it takes for a rumour to turn into reality and how forever turned out to last shorter than anticipated. The moral "concept" surrounding the show is cyber bullying and internet and file-sharing safety.


The teaser campaign is created with a set of images depicting old statues interacting with modern technology and different social media. The statues symbolises both how the information you put on the internet is immortalised, and how easy it is to hide behind anonymity or avatars online, making the threshold for trolling so much lower. The hands and devices are displaying different popular file sharing applications teens use to communicate or entertain their friends or followers. Together these symbols hint towards the different stories in #Like4Like and every statue represents their character in the show, which you will be able to recognise.


Professor: Allan Chachinov
Course: Design Decicions