Issues The Issues Issue
Digital Zine

Issues as a concept is an exploration of the traditional photo-copied grunge zine, heavily influenced by the 90s Riot Grrl era, juxtaposed with the digital exploration of the 90s and the recent surge in social media platforms.


The Issues Issue, came together by merging the minds of men and women from around the world who all believe that equality between the sexes is a given, but who have experienced bigotry and sexism first-hand. This issue is about the issues most of us meet on a daily basis being a woman or a man or a man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body.


This issue of Issues looks like a computer from 1997 and Steve Jobs created a mutant child which in turn mutated and became part MS, part Mac OS and part Web 2.0. If you think it's a little too much, you are quite right – and that´s the point. The aesthetics is a commentary on how modern media operates today; bombarding you with layer upon layer of unimportant shit, distracting you from the real issues at hand – making you really concentrate and search to discover what is real content that has substance and what is just icing. It is also a little kawaii, a little "Brony" and also nostalgic for someone born in 1989.

Oda Øye
Wasted Rita
Magnus Støre
Kyrre Skjelby Kristoffersen
Cecilia Fogelberg
Hanna Stoltenberg
Kaja Gunnufsen
Kasper Häggström
Napster, The Sims & Arial Narrow