Bio / Profile

Hi, my name is Mille Windfeldt, I'm Norwegian and a graphic designer. I live and work in Oslo at the moment, but just a couple of months ago I worked at Collins in New York.

I completed and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York in the spring of 2016 and went directly into a freelance job for Joan, a NYC based ad agency, and onward to an internship at Collins. After having interned at Collins I was offered to come on board as a freelancer and I stayed on until the new year when I ultimately decided I wanted to move back home to Oslo and pursue a life and career here.

I've gotten about 100 questions on why on earth I left New York. The short and honest answer is "It was the right time to leave". The long answer has "some" backstory to it:

I moved away from home and from Oslo when I was 16 to pursue my dream of becoming a professional skier. I got an injury that ended my career earlier than planned. I went on try out as waitress (not very successfully), I sold bunads for a while (probably the worst seller they ever had), I then moved to Paris to learn french (fun, but not as educational as I had thought and I got beat up and robbed in Montmartre). Fast forward a couple of years and I got a BFA in graphic design from Westerdals in Oslo (which was very successful). By this point people told me that I was an adult and that I could and should work here-there-everywhere. I didn't agree so I moved to and loafed around in Copenhagen for a minute before I relocated to London to try out as an assistant to this artist because I thought I wanted to be one too (It wasn't for me). It was a good thing that I didn't go for the whole artist thing, because two short years later I was living in New York and I got my MFA in Design and Entrepreneurship. A degree and set of connections which landed me an internship and job at an amazing agency in New York. I finally knew what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and how to do it well. However, the New York life and career wasn't my dream anymore, it was someone else's entirely. After ten years trying out and on different lives and looking for a place where I could build my future I finally realised that my such place was at home in Oslo.